Gerenuk has small, wedge-shaped head with large eyes, long ears and small, pointed muzzle. It has long, slender neck, long legs and short, black-colored tail. Name “gerenuk” is Somali word which means “giraffe-necked”. Name refers to disproportionally long and skinny neck of this animal.

gerenuk hunting



Gerenuk is a type of antelope that belongs to the bovid family. There are two subspecies of gerenuk that can be found in the eastern parts of Africa. Gerenuk inhabits semi-arid areas, deserts and dry bushy savannas. Number of gerenuks in the wild is dropping due to uncontrolled hunting and habitat destruction (as a result of accelerated development of agriculture and overgrazing). Gerenuk is classified as near threatened, which means that it can become endangered in the near future.


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