They have the largest eyes of all mammals. Tarsiers are carnivorous animals (meat-eaters). Their diet consists mainly of insects, but they can also eat small birds, bats, lizards and snakes. Tarsiers catch their prey by leaping from one branch to another.



Tarsier is unique type of primate that inhabits southern and eastern parts of Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia and the southern Philippines). All tarsier are divided in three groups, according to their geographic location: Western Tarsiers, Eastern Tarsiers and Philippine Tarsiers. There are 18 different sub-species of tarsiers, but all of them look very similar. Tarsiers prefer life in lowland or low mountain forests, mangroves and scrubs. Vast majority of tarsiers are listed as endangered due to habitat loss, hunting, introduction of new species and because of the pet trade.


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