Caribou and reindeer are the same species. They are the only deer whose males and females both have antlers. The antlers grow forward and the caribou use them in the winter to dig through snow for food. Some caribou migrate more than 4,828 kilometers (3,000 miles) per year. Their concave-shaped hooves are adapted for deep snow, holding the caribou up like snowshoes. In water, their hooves act as paddles. Caribou have been clocked running as fast as 80 kilometers (50 miles) per hour. A caribou sensing danger gives off a special scent that warns other caribou to keep their distance.




Caribou is an ungulate, which means that it has hooves. They are concave in shape and adapted to the walking across the deep snow. Caribou is the only member of deer family where both males and females wear antlers. Female has shorter antlers and wear them a bit longer than males. Antlers in females symbolize dominance and they will shed after giving birth to a baby. Males shed their antlers as soon as the mating season is over, after completing fights for females attention. Antlers play important role in the lifestyle of caribous. Besides protective role, they are used for digging of the snow during the search for food in the winter period. Caribou is an herbivore (plant-eater). Depending on the season, it feeds on various plants, grass and lichens. Most subspecies of caribou are migratory. They can travel up to 3000 miles each year in the search for better sources of food. Although caribou is a large animal, it has a lot of predators. Main predators of caribou are: wolves, bears, lynx, wolverines and golden eagles.


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